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Diversity sensitivity training. Today’s workplace is changing, evolving, and diversifying, creating challenges organizations must be prepared to embrace and turn into opportunities for success. Managers and supervisors must teach themselves and others within their organizations to value diversity and multicultural differences in both associates and customers.

Done right, the results promise:

  • Decreased risks for lawsuits,
  • Improved employee morale,
  • Improved communication between employees and working units,
  • Increased marketing opportunities,
  • Recruitment,
  • Even better business image and reputation

Houston Public Relations Training Institute’s’ workplace diversity, sensitivity and cross cultural training delivers the needed solutions dedicated to helping great organizations maintain their competitive edge in an increasingly diverse, global, and competitive marketplace. Through engaging stories and interactive exercises, learners explore the importance of diversity and inclusion; as well as challenges of diversity, benefits of diversity, how to support your organization’s diversity efforts, more.

Audience: This program is designed for everyone in the workplace: Executives, managers, employees.

Flexible. This half-day program is flexible, and can be customized to your company’s unique needs.  Delivered right at your location or ours, it provides hands-on activities with ample opportunities for discussions, note taking, and questions and answers.

Availability. HPRTi is a Houston, TX based company. As a result, we are available to deliver a program right at your location in a short notice.

Cost. Our cost flexibility sets us apart from the competition. You provide your desired training area of need, and together we decide the best approach, whether group seminar or one-on-one, to achieve your desired result. For our group seminar, our cost is $199.00 per attendee, per hour. The cost for one-on-one coaching is negotiated, as it depends on the specific challenge and circumstance.

We’ll be honored to discuss further how Houston PR Training Institute’s sensitivity and diversity can help you protect your organization from reputation and stay one giant step ahead of the competition. Contact us today.  We can be reached at 713-834-4138 or by e-mail: esmart@HoustonPRTraining.com