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Got an URGENT CRISIS SITUATION and need help immediately? Call Mr. Smart 713-834-4134, or Click here.

   CRISIS can strike anyone, anytime and anywhere, with unimaginable consequences. A quick, planned response is your answer. Plan ahead. Crisis-proof your organization today.

We have an urgent crisis situation and need immediate crisis response help.

Call 713-834-4138 in Houston, TX & speak to someone live.

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If no answer, leave a message. Mr. Smart will return your call within one hour guaranteed. Or you may contact us by e-mail

Our goal is simple. To provide you the support when crisis happens so you begin responding almost immediately. We want to help you immediately begin the process of mitigation. It is best you tell your own story to the media, and not allow “eye-witnesses,” or worse, your competition do it for you!

We help you carefully identify the exigency, the crucial stakeholders to speak to; key words to use, and use over again, the right spokesperson, and more.

Seminar Topic:


How to plan for and respond correctly when facing the unthinkable.

Crisis threat to a good reputation is immense and always present. One crisis, one wrong response can permanently damage your good name, resulting in lost sales, lost revenue, and lost legitimacy!

       Smart organizations spare no efforts in their quest for survival when facing a threat to their reputation, neither should you. The best response? Plan ahead before it happens, because no plans lead to hesitations, no response or worse, wrong response that make things even worse.

Our expertise covers:

— Identification of potential crises/threats

— Identification of affected stakeholders

— Monitoring operational environment

— Establishing communication channels

— Formulating response tactics

— Preparing Crisis Communication Plan

— Developing Key Messages

— Media Training

— On-site Media Relations

— Development of appropriate collateral material

aCall 713-834-4138 for more information, e-mail, or complete our online contact form today.