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Houston PR Training Institute presents PR Seminar 2018 in Houston, TX.

Leading organizations in the US and abroad prefer Houston as their number one training and development destination.

Join these organizations for Houston PR Training Institute’s PR Seminar in Houston, TX. Monthly, in-person Public Relations and Communication skills training.

REGISTER today. Take ​advantage ​of ​the ​power ​of ​BBCS. ​Powerful, ​cutting ​edge ​PR ​tools ​to ​expand ​your PR ​skills, ​boost ​your ​career, ​improve ​organization communication ​and maximize ​business ​results. Choose a date. COUNTDOWN clock above is for our coming session.

PR Seminar Houston. Houston PR Training Institute's In person monthly workshop, seminar and training for PR and Corporate Communication professionals.

MULTIPLE REGISTRATION DISCOUNT: Take advantage of our multiple registration discount. Register one staff or register whole department. When your staff trains together, there is a multiplying effect.They learn

WHAT YOU’LL GAIN. You’ll receive your Master Communicator Certificate. You’ll gain the skills to effectively communicate your company’s best with the media, with the community, and with key stakeholders. Skills to publicize your product, service and your mission. Skills to build, manage and protect great organization reputation.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: There are no experience or educational requirements to enroll in this program. #PRSeminarHouston is a must for those who interact with the public and with the media on behalf of your organization: Public Affairs, Company Spokespersons, Executives, and Leaders. Front-line staff: Customer Service, Client Relations, Sales, More.

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Any questions?  Feel free to call 713-834-4138 or e-mail:

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CRISIS Management

Got an URGENT CRISIS SITUATION and need help immediately? Call Mr. Smart 713-834-4134, or Click here.

   CRISIS can strike anyone, anytime and anywhere, with unimaginable consequences. A quick, planned response is your answer. Plan ahead. Crisis-proof your organization today.

We have an urgent crisis situation and need immediate crisis response help.

Call 713-834-4138 in Houston, TX & speak to someone live.

  • (a). Name and title of the person calling, preferably someone with
  •      some final authority
  • (b). Company or organization
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If no answer, leave a message. Mr. Smart will return your call within one hour guaranteed. Or you may contact us by e-mail

Our goal is simple. To provide you the support when crisis happens so you begin responding almost immediately. We want to help you immediately begin the process of mitigation. It is best you tell your own story to the media, and not allow “eye-witnesses,” or worse, your competition do it for you!

We help you carefully identify the exigency, the crucial stakeholders to speak to; key words to use, and use over again, the right spokesperson, and more.

Seminar Topic:


How to plan for and respond correctly when facing the unthinkable.

Crisis threat to a good reputation is immense and always present. One crisis, one wrong response can permanently damage your good name, resulting in lost sales, lost revenue, and lost legitimacy!

       Smart organizations spare no efforts in their quest for survival when facing a threat to their reputation, neither should you. The best response? Plan ahead before it happens, because no plans lead to hesitations, no response or worse, wrong response that make things even worse.

Our expertise covers:

— Identification of potential crises/threats

— Identification of affected stakeholders

— Monitoring operational environment

— Establishing communication channels

— Formulating response tactics

— Preparing Crisis Communication Plan

— Developing Key Messages

— Media Training

— On-site Media Relations

— Development of appropriate collateral material

aCall 713-834-4138 for more information, e-mail, or complete our online contact form today.

About us

EEmmanuel A. Smart, Strategic PR Consultant, President, Lead Trainer,Mr. Emmanuel A. Smart is Strategic PR Consultant, President and founder of SMART EXPRESSIONS an independent full-service Public Relations and Communication Consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. We help growing businesses and organizations enhance visibility in the marketplace and protect brand position. Contact us today. Call 713-834-4138 or e-mail Let’s talk to you about your current challenges.

Mr. Smart is also Lead professional trainer at Houston Pubic Relations Training Institute (HPRTi), the training unit of SMART EXPRESSIONS. HPRTi is dedicated to advancing PR and Communication skills of those who communicate on behalf of their organizations. Public Relations professionals, Corporate Communication, Public Affairs, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Company Spokespersons, and the boss.

Available for on-site Diversity, Inclusion, Sensitivity and Harassment training; as well as investigations into harassment and sensitivity complaints when received. Mr. Smart’s expertise include Brand and image Management, Online reputation management, Crisis Management, Diversity and Sensitivity.

During his career in PR, Emmanuel Smart has established himself as a renowned crisis communications consultant, providing confidential solutions for executives.

Proud member of the Houston Chapters of the International Association of Business Communicators and Public Relations Society of America Society, Mr. Smart started working in PR in 2000, quickly building valuable experience and expertise on television in reputation and crisis management; experience that has served him in his independent practice these many years.

Smart received his Master of Science degree in Communication Management with Certification in Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Communication from Towson University, Towson, Maryland. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Shaw University, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Emmanuel Smart now lives in Houston, TX with his family; and conducts in-person monthly PR seminar. PR Seminar . Houston, TX.

He can be reached by e-mail:, by phone: +1-713-834-4138 and on various Social Media:

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More info about Houston Public Relations Training Institute’s Winning PR Seminar 2017 in Houston, TXPR SEMINAR. Houston, TX — More Info

Here’s more information about Houston Public Relations Training Institute’s Winning PR Seminar in Houston, TX. — Better Business Communication Solutions (BBCS). You’ll find information about our entire program. Feel free to e-mail us or call us: 713-834-4138 should you need more information. BBCS delivers combined Strategic Public Relations, Integrated Communication and Crisis Management skills training, with proven tactics straight from the PR front line. Reserve your seat today. Reserve your seat today. Register here.

#PRSeminarHouston is for new and seasoned PR professionals and you if you communicate on behalf of your organization: New and seasoned PR Professionals, Public Affairs, Corporate Communicators, Social Media novices, Company Spokespersons, Executives, and Leaders. Front-line staff: Customer Service, Client Relations, Sales, More. Gain the skills to communicate your company’s best to help build, manage, market, and protect organization’s brand reputation!

You’ll receive Houston Public Relations Training Institute’s Master Communicator Certificate, ready to help transform how your organization communicates for maximum impact.


Scroll down and choose a preferred date to attend. Or call us 713-834-4138.
Determine how many of your colleagues will attend. (There’s multiple registration discount with FIVE or more registrants from your group). Ask for discount code and register today.

WHAT YOU’LL GAIN: This is a specialized training in communication. Powerful, cutting edge PR training to expand your skills, improve your career; help your organization improve internal business behavior, enhance external interest, and maximize business results. You’ll become skilled in:

Principles of Strategic Communications
Best practices of Public Relations Writing & Campaign
PR theory and practice
Media Relations
Executive Communications & Media Coaching
Social Media Best Practices  Crisis Planning and Communication
Crucial components of Successful Corporate Website
Keys to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Brand Development
Reputation Management
Presentation Coaching
Customer Service
Diversity & Sensitivity Training
Community Relations
Risk Management

Click here or copy this URL: and register today. Any question; call us: 713-834-4138. DO NOT call the training location. Location is subject to change.

RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY: Online (Click here). Choose your date.

  • Wednesday Jan. 24 – Tuesday 30, 2018
  • Wednesday Feb. 14 – Tuesday 20, 2018
  • Wednesday March 14 – Tuesday 20, 2018
  • Wednesday April 18 – Tuesday 24, 2018
  • Wednesday May 16 – Tuesday 22, 2018
  • Wednesday June 20 – Tuesday 26, 2018
  • Wednesday July 18 – Tuesday 24, 2018
  • Wednesday August 15 – Tuesday 21, 2018
  • Wednesday September 19 – Tuesday 25, 2018
  • Wednesday October 17 – Tuesday 23, 2018
  • Wednesday November 7 – Tuesday 13, 2018
  • Wednesday December 5 – Tuesday 11, 2018

6790 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074 United States

BBCS is not all work. You’ll have some fun too!
Things to do near the seminar location
1. You are near Houston’s world-famous Galleria Mall. Walk to shop, dine out Within walking distance of the hotel, shop at
2. Get picked up right from your hotel and see Houston from above and below. Discover Houston’s amazing web of underground tunnels on this guided walking tour. Learn about Houston’s history, culture and architecture as you follow your knowledgeable guide through the tunnel system to visit the Chase Bank Building, Pennzoil Place and One Shell Plaza. Ask for this tour.
3. See Houston from a whole new and unique vantage position. Hop on Houston’s latest attraction: A Double-decker tour bus and participate in a guided tour of the beautiful city of Houston and its tourists attractions. Ask us for details.
Any question; call us: 713-834-4138. DO NOT call the location. Location is subject to change.

         Reserve your seat today. REGISTER:


$1695.00 (US dollar) per participant.
Personal or company check, Money order/Cashier’s check (US residents only); Wire Transfer (Contact us for bank information). Please make checks payable to Houston PR Training Institute.

REFUND: We apologize, but the are no refunds. Please understand, change in the schedule may cause a burden for the Trainer and for vendors contracted to help make our seminar event a reality. Some of these vendors, once paid, and their products or services delivered correctly, don’t give refunds. That said, we will gladly give you credit, less our incurred expenses, for a future seminar.


Diversity & SENSITIVITY training

diversity sensitivity trainingDiversity, Inclusion, Sensitivity and Harassment (DISH) training. Today’s business environment is evolving and becoming more diverse. Such diversity creates challenges. It also creates opportunities organizations must embrace and turn into success. However, smart organizations take it a step further.

Through training, consultation, and timely confidential intervention, when necessary, they position themselves and others within their organizations to value diversity and multicultural differences in their staff, vendors, and their customers.

Done right, the results promise:

  • Decreased risks for lawsuits,
  • Improved employee morale,
  • Improved communication between employees and working units,
  • Increased marketing opportunities,
  • Recruitment,
  • Even better business image and reputation

Contact us today. Complete this contact form, e-mail us: or call 713-834-4138.


Houston PR Training is focused on helping great organizations like yours protect their brand and maintain the competitive edge.

We offer corrective solutions and proactive programs through small group and one-on-one training on Inclusion, Sensitivity and Harassment. In addition, we provide onsite consulting as well as investigations into complaints when received.

We’ll be honored to discuss further how Houston PR Training Institute’s sensitivity and diversity can help you protect your organization from reputation and maintain your edge. Contact us today.

Contact us today. Complete this contact form above, e-mail us: or call 713-834-4138.

Audience: This program is designed for everyone in the workplace: Executives, managers, employees.

Availability. HPRTi is a Houston, TX based company. As a result, we are available to deliver a program right at your location in a short notice.

Cost. Our cost flexibility sets us apart from the competition. You provide your desired training area of need, and together we decide the best approach, whether group seminar or one-on-one, to achieve your desired result.

Why Organizations like yours always prefer Mr. Smart for this training.

When Mr. Emmanuel Smart speaks to your group, you get results, guaranteed. Participants gain from his training, background and unique perspective on the issue of diversity. Mr. Smart cuts through the veneer, peeling off sensitive layers, and discusses the issue of diversity like no other other trainer can. You get it right the very first time.

You’ll learn how “others” think, the first step towards bridging the imaginary gap that may create misunderstanding, possible issues with which to contend in diverse workgroups and methods for dealing with them; best practices in diversity and how to integrate diversity practices.


This program is flexible, and can be customized to your organization’s unique needs, providing hands-on activities with ample opportunities for discussions, and questions and answers

To contact us, complete this contact form above, e-mail us: or call 713-834-4138


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…or something like this:

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Executive Presence

One-on-one professional coachingPlease call 713-834-4138 or

Need help building your personal brand? First time television appearance? Need media coaching?
Let Mr. Emmanuel Smart be your sounding board. We take your privacy seriously.  In all that we do you can expect our industry standard professionalism and confidentiality

Whether one-on-one, in person, on the telephone or by email, you get our focused, no-frill coaching for executives, leaders and individuals. You’ll benefit from our expertise in planning, developing and protecting a good image for you or your company. Should your reputation be threatened, or tarnished, such as in a crisis, we work with you to restore your good name. Please call 713-834-4138 or

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Trainers for the Event

We’ve expert trainers with a wide background to enhance your professional experience.

Emmanuel A. Smart is founder and Lead Professional Trainer at the Houston Public Relations Training Institute dedicated to advancing PR and Communication skills of those who communicate on behalf of their organizations. The CEO, Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Public Affairs, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Company Spokespersons.
Emmanuel A. Smart

Lead Professional Trainer, Houston PR Training Institute.